7 Ways To Stay Inspired in 2021

Feeling stuck? Creativity in a rut? Keeping yourself motivated during unpredictable times is a job within itself. On social media, inspirational quotes pour down like torrential rain. Friends and family are also armed with motivational advice. As we push through the challenges presented by COVID-19, the CASA Café has a few ideas to boost your mood, and keep you inspired!

Jot Down Your Thoughts

Have great ideas stuck in your head? Need a crutch so you can unleash them? Remember, 2021 is for the taking. The best way to launch any vision or stay inspired is to jot ideas down. Skip the formatting rules and structured outlines. Write like your life depends on it. If you can, purchase a stylish, yet functional journal, or download a diary app. Corner your creativity. 

Live Life In Color

This year, live life in color. Stop hiding in the shadows. Hunt for the job you want. Enroll in a graduate program that speaks to your spirit. Start a podcast. Launch a blog. Paint your kitchen. End that draining relationship. Rekindle a lost friendship. Grab glitter from the jar. Start sprinkling magic everywhere.

Celebrate Your Achievements

This year, make a personal commitment to share more of your journey with others. Did you knock out that research paper before the deadline? Give yourself a pat on the back. Did you ace your LSAT examination? Write a congratulations note to yourself. Did you complete a challenging course? Share the news with your peers. Push your fears aside and become your own public relations team. Your community needs to hear from you. Social media, please enter the chat.

Take a Mental Break

Time is money, but the energy you spend chasing it could affect your emotional and physical health. At CASA Café, we encourage you to invest in your hustles, but know when to hit the brakes. Reach out to a friend and kick it over green tea. Ride your bike through the city. Lay on your bed and watch the ceiling fan spin. Ask Alexa to load up popular jazz tracks. Pause for a moment. 

Stay Hydrated & Stay Fit

COVID-19, work demands, remote learning, family drama, bills stacked to the sky…good grief! To beat the challenges weighing you down, we encourage you to soak up the sun from your deck. Drink more water. Do yoga. Fall back off the sugar. Take a virtual Zumba class. Make a fresh spinach salad. Sit by a lake. Walk around your neighborhood. Unfriend negative Nancy’s on your timeline. Make a concentrated effort to stress less.

Organize Your Life

This year, jump head first into organizing your life with a solid task management app or calendar tool. We advise scheduling most of your day. Homework assignments, meetings with mentors, gym time, or dates with your BFF – add it all to your scheduling tool. Dabble with a few different platforms. Find the right one for you.

Find A Hobby

Love to paint, play chess, hike the mountains, or take photos of friends? One way to stay inspired is to work with your hands. This year, dive head first into a hobby that calms your soul. Watch instructional videos and learn new ways to approach old methods. Partner with a friend and create. 

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